About us

Our goal

Our expertise is managing textile product licenses with exclusive image rights from European football clubs and national teams.


Our goal is to offer a range of trustworthy, high-quality, guaranteed, and exclusive products to meet the demands of football club fans.


Our philosophy is to reinforce the general value of the licence, offer the market the Brand exclusivity helping us with merchandising strategy and the corporate image. We offer to the Licenses different strategies, such as Brand, design, exclusive collections, specialized production, logistic and product distribution using our net sales in the souvenir and gift market, sports shops and also in the mass market.

Our team

Prendas Deportivas Roger’s was founded in 1985 with the aim of meeting the demand for football clubs in the souvenir market. Since 1992, we have been manufacturing and distributing licensed products for F.C. Barcelona. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry have allowed us to expand our offerings to include other football clubs and national teams.


This evolution and the trust placed in us by various brands have transformed a family business from a father and his four children into a company with over 40 employees working in different areas.


Moreover, our exclusive dealings with our customers are managed and served by our own sales network consisting of 20 experienced agents who are well-acquainted with the market. We regularly visit all our clients across Spain and Europe.


Another crucial aspect of our organization is identifying and eliminating fake products from the market. Close collaboration with the different brands we work with has significantly reduced the sale of fake products in major tourist markets.


All these functions are carried out at our central office and logistics center located in Vilassar de Dalt, an excellent location just 25km from Barcelona.


Since 1985 The quality, design and Price standards have been the base of all our products.


Our designs are inspired by the new trends of each season, their components and finishings are also based in the claim and in the quality and image of our licences.


Our products follow a strict quality control of all our manufacturers, and they meet all requirements following the law as Business >Social Compliance Initiative – BSCI.


Our production follows a high standard quality protocol, the products manufactured in our own factories or third factories are audited by our own workers or by external specialized companies.


From 30 years ago, we keep doing closing production and we keep being competitive. The synergies and cooperation with other Spanish manufacturers allow us to give an accurate fast service with a delivery time really short.


All polyester fabric is national and also most of the components used in the goods and the packaging.


To have our own workshops allows us to do small productions and do the biggest ones in big factories in Morocco or Asia.

“We are specialized in the management of Llicences of textile products with exclusive image rights of Clubs and National Teams.”
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