International Teams

We are licensors of Liverpool FC, also we are distributors of Paris Saint-Germain FC, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC y Manchester City FC.

At Roger’s, our purpose is to meet the needs of more and more football fans around the world. That’s why we have the capability to produce and distribute products for some of the most popular European clubs.


Currently, in addition to FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, we are also European licensees for Liverpool. Furthermore, we have alliances with other licensees to offer a wider range of products and clubs to our network of customers throughout Europe. We are official distributors in Europe for Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal.


We have a wide assortment of merchandise products available for sale to our customers, including jerseys, caps, scarves, and balls, among others.”

Do you want to sell our products?

If you want to sell Barça products or you have any distribution question, please feel free to contact us using the questionnaire.
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