Logistics / Our customers

We distribute more than 1.800.000 units per year with own licence and 350.000 units fromt other licensors.

We control directly the timing in production and the distribution of our products as they are very important subjects which can guarantee the quality and speed of our service.


We manage the Logistics throw a wide range of carriers carefully selected by our sales department in order to achieve a good and fast timming, as the most of our orders will be delivered in a maximum 48 hours in all Spain and 72 hours in Balears and Canarias Islands.


We are current working with:

  • Envialia (National).
  • Seur (National and Islands).
  • Redur (National).
  • Tipsa (National).
  • Aragonés (Nacional).
  • Trias (Islands).
  • FedEx (International).
  • DHL (International).

Our customers

We keep an annual client portfolio with more than 1.000 customers and more than 2.000 sales points in all Europe and the 40% of them are specialized just in sports merchandising.


We sell our official products in souvenirs, sports and gifts shops and moreover, we also commercialize and sell to big companies of all Spain:


  • FC Barcelona Official Shops.
  • Real Madrid Official Shops.
  • El Corte Inglés.
  • Carrefour.
  • Areas Petrol Stations.
  • Alcampo.
  • World Duty Free Airport Shops.
  • Autogrill Petrol Stations.
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