Since 1992 we are licensors of Merchandising FC Barcelona and since1999, we are the only world licensor of Barça replicas for Spain and Portugal.

Fútbol Club Barcelona is one of the most successful and popular clubs in the football history.


In all its history, the club has got all possible awards, including 5 Champions league, 3 World Clubs, 4 Europa Recopas, 5 Europe Supercopas , 26 Leagues, 30 King Cups, 13 Spain Supercopas, until a total of 135 titles in all its history.

We design, produce and distribute products for the supporters and followers of the principles, titles and colours of our Club.


In our collection, we offer products and accessories to dress the culé day by day, for the match days you can choose our fan-supporter collection and for those more athletic, we have our training collection.


Also we have available accessories to mix with the apparel clothes for Winter, summer or our training collection such as beanies, gymsacks, scarfs lanyards, mugs and so on.

Do you want to sell our products?

If you want to sell Barça products or you have any distribution question, please feel free to contact us using the questionnaire.

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